About Us

Mission: To empower people for advocating to transition towards sustainable food system by leveraging empathy rooted in systems thinking.
Vision: To shape the world where we understand that our well-being is interdependent on our fellow human beings, non-human animals, the environment and vegetation and cultivate empathy for all to successfully coexist with our surrounding.

Our Philosophy

We live in a global community of living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) factors interacting with one another to form a complex system that we call the ecosystem. From this, we have developed our social, economic and political systems that rely on our interconnectedness. In this intertwined ecosystem, our well-being is interdependent on our fellow human beings, non-human animals, the environment and vegetation. The exponential growth in globalization continues to strengthen our bonds of interdependence every day.

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Our Approach

Nature has given us a tool in order to harmoniously coexist with our interconnected surrounding; this precious gift is our ability to empathize with others. Empathy is our ability to connect with and understand the perspective of others. Once this connectedness manifests, the false sense of separateness, which creates "me" and "them", dissolves. When we can operate from a more interconnected perspective, we realize that both morality and science have been telling us the same truth about our food system: what is good for our bodies is also good for non-human animals and our shared environment.

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Our Work

Cultivate Empathy for All is a group of empathy enthusiasts. We develop programs and policies for our cities to shift towards plant-based food systems. We then mobilize local residents and activists to educate their City Council for adopting such policies. Our advocacy leverages empathy rooted in systems-thinking approach and focuses on the interconnectedness of our food system with the environment, public health, social and racial equity, and animal welfare. It allows us to transition towards the sustainable food system while establishing the culture of empathy for all.

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Volunteer and donate your time to shape the world where we understand our interconnectedness and weave every moment with empathetic approach in our personal, social and professional life.

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