Nilang Gor - Founder

Nilang Gor is the founder of Cultivate Empathy for All and a board member of California Plant-based Alliance. Nilang also works as a Senior Scientist in the field of genetic disorders and holds M.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology. As a systems thinker, he believes that we live in a highly interconnected ecosystem, where our well-being is interdependent on fellow humans, non-human animals, and the environment. Nilang thinks our ignorance of this interdependence has created unsustainable animal agriculture systems which are now impacting our environment, public health, as well as social and racial equity. He mobilizes community members to educate their city lawmakers on the negative impacts of animal-based food systems on various aspects of our society and environment, and promote local, sustainable policies and programs. Nilang firmly believes that what is good for our bodies is also good for the environment and animals in our highly interconnected world. KNOW MORE