Public Education Ordinance

How can we quickly move towards a plant-based food system? This is the inevitable question for those who care about our environment, animals, public health, as well as social and racial equity. We only have 6-11 years' of global carbon budget left for 1.5C temperature target. Meanwhile, billions of land animals continue to be brutally killed for human consumption, while marginalized communities fall victim to the injustices and environmental harms from industrial agriculture. U.S. cities are now starting to recognize the social and environmental impact of animal factory farming and many have adopted plant-based policies for cities’ food procurement programs. This commitment can be applied to establishing public education campaign on the benefits of sustainable dietary choices.

Figure 1: U.S. food emissions with different diet scenarios by 2030
Therefore, Cultivate Empathy for All has drafted an Ordinance for Public Education Campaign that focuses on sharing the health, environmental and animal welfare benefits of plant-based foods with the community.
If you are interested in advocating for this ordinance to your City Council, please contact us at