The White House's Vision 2024 for Sustainability

Leading health agencies, including the World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are now recognizing that human health is connected to animal health and our shared environment. But we have ignored the fundamental reality of our highly interconnected world. Our food system is the biggest example of this ignorance in which we are creating unsustainable and harmful animal agriculture systems without comprehending the varied negative impacts on our society, public health and environment. Now there are several environmental and public health organizations recommending that we shift the food system towards more plant-based diets.
The top priorities of the Biden-Harris administration include addressing the climate crisis, combatting a global zoonotic pandemic, prioritizing social equity and enhancing public health outcomes. President Joe Biden also took executive actions to restore scientific integrity, relying on evidence-based decision making across the federal government agencies. Therefore, the Biden-Harris administration should recognize the considerable scientific evidence of the negative impacts of our current food system which heavily relies on animal-derived products. The Biden-Harris administration should prioritize our harmful food system and lead by example.
Vision 2024 for Sustainability summarizes the impact of animal derived food products on various aspects of our society, public health and environment along with proposing the solution for The White House to create more sustainable and inclusive culture for their staff.
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