Vision 2025: Empathy for Animals and Our Environment

According to Global Shapers Survey 2017, the Climate Change is world’s biggest challenge of 21st century. This challenge comes along with the on-going destruction of scarce natural resources like agricultural land, forest and freshwater. Humankind’s well-being is interdependent on environment, natural resources and biodiversity in highly interconnected Earth’s ecosystem.
The livestock industry is one of the biggest economic sectors resulting in destruction of Earth’s environment and natural resources. But very few programs have been developed to establish sustainable food systems. This economic sector is also one of the major lobbyists in United States allowing them to influence federal programs and regulations. As a result, the local Cities have a huge role to play in stepping up for replacing the meat and dairy food consumptions with sustainable plant-based options.
Vision 2025 is a program developed for the City residents who are passionate about passing sustainable food regulations in their Cities for environment, sustainability, social equality, community health and animal rights. Please review the below training guide if you interested to initiate Vision2025 in your City.
Check Vision2025 Empathy Educator Guide to get more details.
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