Our Approach

Nature has given us a tool in order to harmoniously coexist with our interconnected surrounding; this precious gift is our ability to empathize with others. Empathy is our ability to connect with and understand the perspective of others. Once this connectedness manifests, the false sense of separateness, which creates "me" and "them", dissolves. When we can operate from a more interconnected perspective, we realize that both morality and science have been telling us the same truth about our food system: what is good for our bodies is also good for non-human animals and our shared environment.
However, individual diet shifts must be accompanied by institutional changes. In order to operationalize cultural shifts, our democracy is the best tool for transforming social, economic and political institutions. Cultivate Empathy for All mobilizes individuals to leverage their democratic rights to educate legislators and community members to demand institutional change. At Cultivate Empathy for All, we don’t ask for donations but instead, we ask for your voice to transform our world!