Our Work

Cultivate Empathy for All is a group of empathy enthusiasts. We develop programs and policies for our cities to shift towards plant-based food systems. We then mobilize local residents and activists to educate their City Council for adopting such policies. Our advocacy leverages empathy rooted in systems-thinking approach and focuses on the interconnectedness of our food system with the environment, public health, social and racial equity, and animal welfare. It allows us to transition towards the sustainable food system while establishing the culture of empathy for all.

Why Cities?

Today, nearly 80% of the U.S. population leave in urban areas, representing a major part of consumers in the nation. Our consumption trend has power to either protect or destroy our social and environmental well-being. While the livestock industry has a strong political influence at the state and federal legislature, local residents and activists can defeat the corporate power in their local communities. This unique potential for local government can be leveraged to shift our food systems to become more sustainable, just, and healthy for all.

Beyond Cities:

Businesses, universities, and non-profit organizations are also accountable for socially responsible food procurement. Therefore, we also focus on developing programs that mobilize employees, students and social workers to advocate for sustainable food procurement systems.