Become Empathy Educator

Preferred qualities of Empathy Educator
(1)Basic understanding that we all exist in relation to one another and our growth and well-being are interdependent.
(2)Intellectual conviction that Empathy is an inherent quality of being human and it allows us to live in abidance with the reality of being interconnected.
(3)Observation that every social issue is born when we lose our sense of Empathy based on race, religion, gender, nationality, species etc.
(4)Passionate to encourage hearts in their society to cultivate Empathy for all and helping shape the world where our social issues least exist.
(5)Proactive to reach out to various organization, preparing presentation independently that speaks to the hearts of the audience and providing the presentation based on client's convenience.
To-Do list
(1)Review books (optional)
 Exploring Global Issue: Social, Economic and Environmental Interconnection, Student text, Second Edition
(2)Review article
 Empathy-A Solution to Global Climate Change Threats
(3)Watch videos / TED Talks
 1. Systems Thinking:
2. Solutionaries by Zoe Weil:
3. Empathic Civilization:
4. The Global Urgency of Everyday Empathy:
Thank you for applying!
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