Guideline for Empathy Educator

(1)Identify an organization that would benefit from cultivating Empathy for all. It is always better to contact organization in your network.
(2)Reach out to the organization with a brief introduction including information about yourself, our organization and how they can benefit from a presentation on Empathy.
(3)Learn about organization's work and their key challenges.
(4) Prepare a presentation with four key points including
1. Introduction of Empathy for All
2. Define Empathy
3. Why Empathy is important?
4. Acknowledge audience's work and their key challenges
5. How cultivating Empathy can help overcome these challenges?
(5)Provide a presentation with an objective to effectively share our knowledge and information through an open mind instead of attempting to convince our audience.
(6)After the presentation, communicate your observations and learnings with Empathy for All so all Empathy Educators can learn and grow through your experience.