Our Philosophy

We live in a global community of living (biotic) and non-living (abiotic) factors interacting with one another to form a complex system that we call the ecosystem. From this, we have developed our social, economic and political systems that rely on our interconnectedness. In this intertwined ecosystem, our well-being is interdependent on our fellow human beings, non-human animals, the environment and vegetation. The exponential growth in globalization continues to strengthen our bonds of interdependence every day.
Despite it’s truth, we have ignored the fundamental reality of our highly interconnected world, jeopardizing our collective well-being. Our food system is the biggest example of this ignorance in which we are creating unsustainable and harmful animal agriculture systems without comprehending the varied negative impacts on the environment, public health, as well as racial and social equity. At Cultivate Empathy for All, we are dedicated to educate and propose programs to our local lawmakers for sustainable food system recognizing the fact that humankind’s well-being is connected to animals and our shared environment.